Mission, Principles and Goals Mission, Principles and Goals Mission, Principles and Goals Our Mission

Neptumar sees its mission in creation and development of stable and successful business, focused on maximal satisfaction of all parties involved, finally resulting in optimization and reduction of transportation costs of the delivered products, their cheaper price and availability to the final customers.

Our Principles

  • High customer service.
  • Focus on long-term and regular cooperation.
  • Being honest and open with our colleagues, partners and customers.
  • Flexibility in management and decision-making, efficiency of work processes.
  • Continuous improvement and development of our working processes with aim to increase its efficiency.
  • Interest in our profession and wish to develop.

Our Goals

  • The fast growth of the Company in the international forwarding and foreign trade.
  • Stable increase of the traffic volumes and expansion types of handled commodities.  
  • Expanding our world presence and activities.
  • Improving the efficiency of the business model, achieving a leading position in the international shipping market.