Advantages Advantages Advantages


  • Work of Doehle Group since 1956.
  • Operation of Neptumar Ltd. office in Saint Petersburg since 2004.
  • The aggregate value of assets under the group's management exceeds 8 billion US dollars.
  • Presence in 30 countries of the world.
  • 2,000 onshore employees, 4,800 offshore employees working on ships.
  • Diversification of business.


  • More than 500 vessels under the group’s management (container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, multi-purpose vessels).
  • Container line from Europe to Russia.
  • Neptumar offices in 15 countries of Europe.
  • Ship's agency service for 30 shipping lines in Europe, 4 lines in Russia.
  • Storage facilities in Europe and Asia.
  • Container equipment, container platforms and motor transport.
  • Years of expertise, qualification and competence.