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Edition 9 | FALL 2017

Project for Delivery 3000 t of Granite Tiles

23 December 2017

Delivery of Granite Tiles

Company Neptumar has finished project for delivery 3000 t (17000 m2) of granite tiles. During the project Company has arranged sea delivery from China to port of Novorossiysk, customs clearance and on-carriage from the port to warehouse, reloading into special trucks and arrangement of discharging operations at consignee's area including crane and lashing/securing operations.

Despite big volume of operations and it complication delivery was performed successfully and in due time.

Neptumar Agency Successfully Completes Challenging Two-phased Delivery of Project Cargo from China to St. Petersburg

8 December 2017

Delivery of Project Cargo from China to St. Petersburg

A large shipment of project cargo including equipment weighing 3,600 measurement tonnes in late November was delivered to the Port of Antwerp. The cargo was transported from the Port of Shanghai on board the general cargo ship Chipolbrok Atlantic (entered service in 2016).

As the project cargo was too large for further delivery from Antwerp to the Port of St. Petersburg it was broken down into individual loads and transported on board several feeder vessels: the MS Frisian Summer (operator Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers), the MS Genca, the MS Misina and the MS Pulpca (Transfennica). The two-phased challenging oversized import cargo transport project was planned and executed by ship agency, transport and logistics specialist Neptumar LLC.

The main part of the equipment were oversized loads for processing facility of the SK-200 sulfur plant project (the programme of long-term development of the industrial chemicals production), implemented in Russia’s Tula Region. Another part of the project cargo was transported for the construction of a new Haval automotive manufacturing plant located in the industrial Uzlovaya park, 180 km from Moscow

Since Neptumar LLC in September 2016 became the Chipolbrok line ship agency this has been the largest project cargo shipment delivered to St. Petersburg.

Source: PortNews

Manx Government Upgrades Plans to Drive Cruise Sector

23 February 2016

The Isle of Man Government last year appointed Neptumar (IOM) Ltd, a subsidiary of Dohle (IOM) Ltd, as its cruise consultant as part of a new strategy to drive forward cruise business in the Isle of Man.

Source: Afloat

New Cruise Consultant Appointed

12 March 2015

The Department of Economic Development has appointed local maritime company, Neptumar (IOM) Ltd, a subsidiary of Döhle (IOM) Ltd, as its Cruise Consultant as part of a new strategy to drive forward cruise business in the Isle of Man.

The three year contract will see Neptumar (IOM) Ltd build on the considerable success in attracting cruise ships over the last nine years. This year there will be a record number of 19 cruise ships visiting the Isle of Man, with bookings for 2016 standing at 16 already.

Source: Isle of Man