Neptumar is a part of the German holding Dohle Group and is one of the largest independent shipping agencies in Russia and Europe: 15 countries of presence, 22 offices of the group, 29 agent lines and more than 500 vessels under commercial management
Neptumar started its activities in Russia in 2004. We are an international freight forwarding and customs brokerage company, representing 3 large shipowners in Russia: Chipolbrok, Sloman Neptun, Volans.
Container shipments, combined cargo, project shipments, chartering, customs clearance, and warehousing.
Licensed customs brokerage company. Wide range of customs services.


Depending on the type of task, the company can provide as a full range of services, from consulting on the terms of delivery in the bill of loading until the acceptances of freight by the customer, and as well as specific part of transportation alone.
Neptumar Ltd. provides full range of services related to customs clearance of imported and exported cargo delivered by sea vessels, trucks and railway transport.
The Neptumar agencies network in Europe and Russia renders its services to 29 shipping companies with more than 40 linear marine services, providing full range service that involves handling of the Principal's ships, as well as the ship's agent function for ship and cargo handling, and commercial services.
Whenever necessary, Neptumar Ltd. uses its own and leased storage facilities in the process of transport management for implementation of the following operations: consolidation of cargo received from multiple suppliers, for further shipment by air...

About Group

Neptumar Group is a member of Döhle Group, a German holding company founded in 1956 in Hamburg by the Company's founder, Mr. Peter Döhle.

Today Döhle Group is one of the largest shipowners and vessel operators controlling fleet of 500 commercial vessels. Companies of the group are present in 30 countries of the world, with the number of employees over 6,800 and provide services in commercial and technical fleet management, crewing, bunkering, sale & purchase, insurance, financial and corporate services.

Neptumar Group, being a part of Menzell & Döhle, specializes in liner agency services and full complex of freight forwarding operations. 22 Neptumar offices serve about 30 shipping lines and are represented in 15 countries of the world being one of the largest independent shipping agencies in Europe and Russia.

Neptumar Ltd. was founded in 2004 in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia, and started its activities as liner agent for Libra (CSAV Group) and CCNI. Over the years of its successful operations, the Company has grown and become a shipping organization providing full complex of freight forwarding services related to foreign economic activities. Company offer transport services and customs clearance in the field of both import and export operations.

The Group's professional expertise acquired, proven operation procedures, strong connections with our partners, assets and resources inspire us for further growth and development. We are ready to cooperate and we are looking forward to meet new partners and face the new opportunities.


Поставка оборудования для китайской АЭС силами CHIPOLBROK
8 Сен 2021
Поставка оборудования для китайской АЭС силами CHIPOLBROK
Очередной судозаход и рекордная партия груза
1 Июл 2021
Очередной судозаход и рекордная партия груза
70 лет китайско-польской судоходной линии CHIPOLBROK!
15 Июн 2021
70 лет китайско-польской судоходной линии CHIPOLBROK!

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